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Aston Accountancy Ltd., a full-service accountancy and tax firm based in Milton Keynes, is marking its 30-year milestone in the business, having been founded by Heather Rogers, FCPA ICPA (Fellow), in 1993.

Rogers, supported by her staff, provides services across all aspects of accountancy and tax-related matters, including business and personal tax and tax planning. She also works closely with a trusted network of experts in investment, financial planning, and legal matters, to provide the best outcomes for clients.

Rogers entered the profession as a public accountant, then later worked for an American multinational company. Despite the prestige afforded to her by working at a large firm, she longed to be independent and make her own business choices. Following her father’s advice, she struck out on her own at age 25 and founded Aston Accountancy Ltd., operating out of a spare room in her house, before moving to a dedicated office space in 2001. Since then, Rogers has built a personal reputation as an expert in accountancy and tax matters. She is a tax columnist for a major UK financial matters website and her articles have also been published internationally, in France and the US.

“Drawing on my 30 years of experience in the business, I have extensive knowledge of working both with private clients and business clients and offer a wider range of services than many other similar-sized firms. I have now also added expert witness work to the services that I provide.”

Over the past 30 years in the industry, Aston Accountancy Ltd. has retained the business of many long-standing clients, including some who have been with the firm for almost the entirety of its existence. Some clients have already retired, and Rogers is now working with them in a private client capacity, or with their children who have inherited the business.

“Looking back, starting this business was the right decision, and I’m very happy I did that. I loved being in control of my destiny. To this day, I still enjoy my work, and I’ve got no plans to stop. I also act as a mentor to several junior accountants to help develop the future of the profession,” Rogers says.

Having spent three long decades in the business, overcoming global economic recessions and pandemics, Rogers offers advice to aspiring accountants, especially those who are looking to start their own firms.

“Always look to expand your horizons. Be bold. Try to contact different accountancy practices and spend time with them, to understand and look into how their business works. Developing your skills is the most important thing in progressing your business. Don’t excessively restrict your work in one particular area, as you’ll end up with a very small client base. Go explore another branch of accountancy, where you will meet more people and add different skills to your portfolio. Also remember to never be complacent. You’re only as good as your last job, and one mistake can destroy your reputation in this profession. Treat each client with the same care you did when you started out in business, and let your work speak for itself.”

About Aston Accountancy Ltd.

Aston Accountancy Ltd. is a full-service accountancy and tax firm based in Milton Keynes, England. It was founded in 1993 by Heather Rogers, FCPA ICPA (Fellow), an expert in both business and personal tax, including tax planning. Rogers is also a financial columnist who has been published internationally. Aston Accountancy Ltd. works with solicitors, investment and pension advisors, and financial planners to provide the best advice to its clients.